Working During Pregnancy

//Working During Pregnancy

Working During Pregnancy

Working During PregnancyMany women continue to work while pregnant. Although it is not unusual for an expectant mom to work right up to the time of labor and delivery, some women choose to reduce work hours or take time off before their due date.

The decision of whether or not to work during pregnancy may depend on the job requirements. A Committee Opinion issued by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists on December 2015 cited a Danish study that found that lifting over 20 pounds more than 10 times a day during pregnancy increased the risk of preterm birth. However, each pregnant woman should consult her obstetrician regarding occupational physical activity and lifting guidelines specific to her.

Pregnant women who work in office or sedentary jobs should make a conscious effort to stand up periodically or take a walk around the office. Choose a chair with good low back support or place a pillow at the small of the back to relieve back strain. Moderate exercise before or after work can increase energy and be relaxing.

Expectant women whose job requires them to stand for long periods of time should take frequent sit down breaks with feet elevated. Choosework shoes with good arch support and stand on cushioned floor pads if possible.Ask your OBGYN about whether or not support hose would be beneficial.

Expectant mothers who are exposed to hazardous chemicals, extreme temperatures, x-ray radiation, chemotherapy medications, or other toxins on the job should consult their obstetrician about precautions to protect the health of their baby.

Working during pregnancy is common nowadays. Expectant mothers who work can reduce their risk of complications by making sure they get plenty of sleep, stay hydrated, follow a healthy diet and avoid stress.

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