Wedge vs Trim

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Wedge vs Trim

Wedge vs Trim

The cosmetic procedure to reduce or reshape your labia, labiaplasty, can be performed using two different techniques: wedge or linear trim. Before moving ahead with the surgery, it’s helpful to understand both techniques.

Wedge Labiaplasty

When using the wedge technique, your gynecologic surgeon removes a v-shaped section of the labia minora, then stitches the front and back sections together. The wedge labiaplasty can be used when your labial lips are asymmetrical, or the center of your labia minora has excess tissue.

Proponents of the wedge method prefer its ability to preserve the “natural edge” of the labia. However, many women opting for labiaplasty want to remove the darkened tissue along the edge and leave a smooth pink edge that is more natural for smaller labia.

Linear Trim Labiaplasty

The linear trim procedure is the most common method used. It allows your gynecologic surgeon to trim the labia along its edge. The trim technique effectively addresses hyper pigmentation, asymmetry, and excess length. When performed by an experienced gynecologic surgeon, such as Dr. Nathan T. Thomas, you are left with a nearly invisible scar along the outside edge. Since the linear trim technique is a smooth, continuous incision, it allows your gynecologic surgeon to also perform a clitoral hood reduction seamlessly.

Recovering from the Wedge vs. Linear Trim Labiaplasty

Given that the wedge technique removes a large section of your labia, it places more tension on the dissolvable sutures used to close the gap. It can take longer for the site to heal, and occasionally, one or two sutures may fall out prior to full healing. This can result in a notch or full wound gap that may require a second surgical procedure to close.

Since the linear trim method doesn’t put tension on the suture line, healing is quick and predictable. In the event one or two sutures falls out prematurely, any resulting gaps or openings should heal naturally without additional surgery.

Due to the versatility, strong success rates and improved likelihood of recovery, Dr. Nathan T. Thomas exclusively performs the linear trim technique. If you are considering labiaplasty, call our office and discuss your options.

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