Water Retention

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Water Retention

Water Retention

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) can bring all kinds of unwanted symptoms. Among these, water retention can be uncomfortable at its best and interfere with your daily life when more severe.

Causes of Bloating

Typically, water retention begins one to two weeks before your period. This PMS symptom can leave you feeling bloated and heavy. Hormonal changes associated with your menstrual cycles are thought to play a key role in causing water retention; however, the exact cause is unknown. Your diet, lifestyle habits and hereditary may also contribute to your monthly water retention.

Natural Solutions for Water Retention

If you combat water retention every month, your gynecologist may suggest combating this PMS symptom with some lifestyle changes. Daily physical activity has been shown to reduce PMS symptoms in women, so regular exercise can help. Also, a healthy diet can improve water retention. Eating your well-balanced data with lots of fruits and vegetables- as well as cutting down on alcohol, caffeine, and salt- may significantly reduce bloating.

Supplements and Medications to Reduce Bloating

If lifestyle changes don’t improve your monthly bloating, your gynecologist may recommend some medication or supplements.

Diuretics: Also known as water pills, diuretics reduce fluid build-up. While there is a version available over-the-counter, your gynecologist may prescribe you a diuretic. You should take diuretics according to your doctor’s instruction, as diuretics should not be combined with certain medications- such as ibuprofen.

Birth Control: Oral contraceptives have been shown to reduce some PMS symptoms.

Vitamins: Some supplements- such as calcium, magnesium, B vitamins and vitamin E- can improve PMS symptom and reduce water retention. You should consult with your gynecologist before starting a vitamin regimen, as taking higher amounts than you need can be harmful.

If water retention symptoms persist or you are experiencing additional symptoms, your bloating may be caused by something other than your menstrual cycle. Certain gastrointestinal problems can cause bloating, as well.

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