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Postpartum Vaginal Laxity

Vaginal childbirth can drastically change your body, leaving you with the feeling of a loose vagina or stress urinary incontinence. Vaginal laxity is caused by the loosening of vaginal muscles and widening of the vaginal canal. It may result in decreased sexual pleasure, reduced friction or dryness and discomfort with intercourse. Multiple vaginal deliveries and large babies can amplify vaginal laxity.

 ThermiVa Postpartum

After birth, your body will begin to heal on its’ own. If you don’t experience significant bladder or rectal prolapse, you may be a candidate for ThermiVa just six weeks postpartum. However, waiting three to six months after giving birth will allow your muscles to tighten, swelling to reduce and any stitches to heal. Your OBGYN can work with you to determine a plan for ThermiVa postpartum.

How Does ThermiVa Work?

ThermiVa is a non-invasive procedure that uses a specially designed wand to apply radio frequent heat to the internal and external vaginal areas.  Your OBGYN will use an S-shaped wand that will immediately tighten the tissues and stimulate collagen growth to improve vaginal laxity.

Many women compare the ThermiVa procedure to an internal and external heated massage. It is recommended you receive three 15-30 minutes treatments over the first three months in order to realize optimal results. Although women frequently experience noticeable differences immediately after one session.

Recovery and Post-Treatment

After the initial sequence, your OBGYN can work with you to perform additional treatments. Generally, follow-up procedures can be performed every six months, with many women opting for an annual touch-up.

A benefit for new moms- ThermiVa does not require any recovery time following treatment. You will be able to resume all of your activities the same day, including lifting, running and sexual intercourse.

 Childbirth After ThermiVa

ThermiVa is completely non-invasive and follow-up procedures are common. Since childbirth stretches the vaginal canal, many women see re-loosening of the vaginal muscles and tissues following vaginal rejuvenation and subsequent vaginal deliveries. Unlike other surgical solutions, ThermiVa is a safe and effective way to tighten your vagina- even if you are not done having children.

Talk to Dr. Nathan T. Thomas to see if ThermiVa postpartum is an option for you.

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