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Safe GiftsWith the holidays fast-approaching, it’s important to remember that December is National Safe Toys and Gifts months. Whether shopping for a loved one who is pregnant or a little newborn, knowing the dos and don’ts of gift-giving can help ensure your celebration is special, safe and relaxing- not to mention OBGYN-approved.

Pregnancy can be an exciting and stressful time. One effective relaxation method is massage. Give the gift of prenatal massage to your favorite pregnant woman. A massage therapist who is certified in prenatal massage will ensure proper techniques are used to safely work out the tension. Massage is also a great post-pregnancy way for new parents to sooth and bond with their newborn. Consider a book that walks mom and dad through baby massage techniques as a unique present.

Exercise is a natural relaxer, but the type and level of exercise is often a personal decision in pregnancy that a woman makes after speaking with her OBGYN. Yoga has many benefits for pregnant women. A package of prenatal yoga classes can help keep mom-to-be happy, healthy and centered. Following pregnancy, many gyms offer mommy and me fitness classes to bond with baby while staying in shape after your new mom has been released to exercise.

After a good workout, a bath may be just what mom-to-be needs. While hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms and very hot tub water is not recommended in pregnancy, a warm bath can sooth sore muscles and help reduce stress. Consider a nice organic soap or bath soak to make the experience even more luxurious. And don’t forget the lotion- some companies are providing fragrances in ginger or peppermint to help pregnant women battle nausea.

Bath time isn’t just for mom. Gentle cleansers made for baby are perfect for all infant ages. Bath toys can be given according to age recommendations generally provided on the toy, since smaller toys can be a choking hazard at young ages. Some bath toys even have indicators to help parents ensure the bath water is not too hot. And remember, children should never be left alone in the bath tub.

When in doubt, check with your mom-to-be to ensure the gift is approved by her OBGYN.

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