Umbilical Cord Tissue Banking

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Umbilical Cord Tissue Banking The umbilical cord tissue is collected from the umbilical cord shortly after the cord has been clamped and cut.

What makes umbilical cord tissue so valuable?

It is possible that the stem cells found in umbilical cord tissue can be used to treat medical conditions that affect cartilage, muscle and nerve cells. Umbilical cord tissue stem cells can quickly regenerate and that is very promising for future cord tissue therapies. Research is still being done for umbilical cord tissue.

How is umbilical cord tissue banked?

Umbilical cord tissue banking offers two options:

  • Public umbilical cord tissue banking means that your baby’s cord tissue is available for research and public use. There is no fee to bank and ship cord tissue for public umbilical tissue banking.
  • Private umbilical cord tissue banking means that you want your baby’s umbilical cord tissue saved for personal use, if needed. There is an associated cost for this service that includes collection and maintenance.

Your OB/GYN can help you make the best choice for umbilical cord tissue banking.

What are possible future uses for umbilical cord tissue?

Umbilical cord tissue contains both epithelial and mesenchymal stem cells. Research is showing that umbilical cord tissue stem cells may help with the healing of pressure sores, corneas, liver damage and burns.

Research also shows the possibility that umbilical cord tissue could also help with regenerative medicine including heart disease, stroke, multiple sclerosis, diabetes and other medical issues.