Wedge vs Trim

The cosmetic procedure to reduce or reshape your labia, labiaplasty, can be performed using two different techniques: wedge or linear trim. Before moving ahead with the surgery, it’s helpful to understand both techniques. Wedge Labiaplasty When using the wedge technique, your gynecologic surgeon removes a v-shaped section of the labia minora, then stitches the [...]

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Positive pap

Every year you see your gynecologist for your annual Pap test, sometimes called a Pap smear. During the Pap test, your OBGYN will take a swab of your cervix in order to look for any abnormalities. If your Pap test comes back positive, it means there were abnormal cells. Your gynecologist will contact you [...]

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Post Hysterectomy

A hysterectomy is a gynecologic surgery where your uterus, and potentially other parts of your reproductive system, is removed. If you have not responded to more conservative treatment options for painful conditions like fibroids and endometriosis, your gynecologist may recommend hysterectomy as an option. But what happens after hysterectomy? Types of Hysterectomy The after-effects [...]

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Almost 60% of women have fibroids, although most will not experience any symptoms. Uterine fibroids are non-cancerous and, generally, your gynecologist will just monitor them. However, when should you do something about fibroids? Two Main Fibroid Types Uterine fibroids are characterized by their location. Mucousal fibroids are the most common and are located in [...]

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When and how to wean your breastfeeding baby is a personal decision. A gradual approach is generally recommended. Sudden vs. Gradual Weaning Sudden weaning is not generally recommended unless there is a reason that makes it necessary. For example, new mothers undergoing surgery, hospitalization or taking medications not conducive to breastfeeding may be required [...]

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Low Birth Weight

The average baby born in the U.S. weighs around eight pounds. Low birthweight- less than five pounds, eight ounces- occurs in approximately eight percent of births and the number continues to rise. Risk Factors for Low Birthweight Babies The majority of the time, low birthweight is the result of premature birth- when babies are [...]

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Flu Shots with Pregnancy

For expectant mothers, the flu can be dangerous to you and your unborn baby. Can I get the flu if I had the flu shot? Yes, but it’s still worth getting the flu shot. While the flu shot is strongly recommended for pregnant women, some influenza strains are not covered by the shot. For [...]

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Delayed Period

Oral contraceptives may allow you to delay your period. Controlling your Menstrual Cycle Your monthly pack of pills is designed to mimic a typical 28-day menstrual cycle. The first 21 pills contain hormones that prevent ovulation, while the last seven pills are inactive and allow you to have monthly bleeding similar to a period. [...]

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Water Retention

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) can bring all kinds of unwanted symptoms. Among these, water retention can be uncomfortable at its best and interfere with your daily life when more severe. Causes of Bloating Typically, water retention begins one to two weeks before your period. This PMS symptom can leave you feeling bloated and heavy. Hormonal changes [...]

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Night Sweats

Night sweats can leave you, your pajamas and bed linens soaking wet night after night. If you don’t sleep under a pile of warm blankets or in an overly warm room- there may be an underlying medical cause. Defining Night Sweats Occasionally waking up after perspiring may be uncomfortable, but it does not classify [...]

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