Birth Control that Lasts and Lasts

//Birth Control that Lasts and Lasts

Birth Control that Lasts and Lasts


What if you could go on vacation without a pill packet? Imagine deviating from your routine without worrying about missing your medication. Preventing pregnancy doesn’t have to require a daily reminder to take a pill. The birth control shot works for up to three months and long acting reversible contraception (LARC) options can last years.

Give me just one shot

The birth control shot Depo-Provera is administered by your gynecologist every 12-13 weeks. Depo-Provera contains the hormone progestin and works by stopping ovulation. If you receive the shot within seven days after the start of your period, no backup contraception is required. For women receiving the shot mid-cycle, you will be protected from pregnancy after the first week.

Depo-Provera requires a trip to our office every three months. The birth control shot is 99% effective when you get it on time. However, if you are more than two weeks late receiving the shot, you should use other birth control methods and may need a pregnancy test.

I’ve got you under my skin

You can have worry-free protection for up to four years with a small birth control implant. The match-like rod is inserted just under the skin on your upper arm by your gynecologist. Once implanted, it releases hormones for up to four years with a 99% effectiveness rate. You may experience headaches, breast pain, nausea or pain around the insertion site. But these symptoms usually subside after a few months. The birth control implant is safe to use even if you’re breastfeeding.   You can have the implant removed anytime when you decide to have a baby.

Contraception that lasts and lasts

For long acting reversible contraception ask Dr. Nathan T. Thomas about an intrauterine device or IUD. Your gynecologist places the T-shaped device inside your uterus. Some IUDs slowly release hormones that prevent ovulation. Hormone containing intrauterine devices can provide relief if you experience heavy periods. There is also an IUD option that doesn’t contain hormones.  Paraguard, a small copper device, triggers your own immune system to prevent pregnancy. Paraguard is the longest lasting LARC- providing birth control for up to 10 years.

Call our office to speak with Dr. Thomas about long acting reversible contraception options.

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